September Showers

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I am so incredibly blessed to have amazing friends and family who threw BabyGirl (and me!) TWO of the most perfect baby showers I've ever been to!

Shower #1: The Biscuit Brunch Garden Party (^^Gold Leaf Invitation)

^^Real fruit that was arranged so perfectly it looked FAKE!

The first shower was thrown by my friends Chelsee and Melissa (pictured above, on the left) with some assistance from Alyssa (right). It was in the backyard of some of Chels' extended family, which is what I would describe as a "pinterest paradise." It was BEAUTIFUL. Chels is a born event-planner and had every aspect of the shower thought through. We munched on delicious biscuits, jam, and fruit, made flower crowns, decorated swaddle-blankets, and played a variation of this game with everything relating to baby items. It was the perfect sunny afternoon surrounded by friends and the beautiful outdoors. I loved being able to catch up with so many friends that I hadn't seen in a little while (and missed friends who were unable to make it!). 

SHOWER #2: Cream Puffs and Baby Stuffs (baha. Better title suggestions are encouraged)

Exactly a week later, my cousin/best friend/ex-roommate (she loves slashes ;)) Madi, threw me (and BabyGirl) ANOTHER shower that was equally as perfect! Madi is currently living in New Jersey as her husband has an internship out there for a few months, but she came to Utah for one weekend and hosted my shower while she was here. I'm sure it was so stressful, but she successfully pulled it off without a hitch! (And had a lot of help from other family members which I know she appreciated!) Madi is an extremely organized and detail-oriented person, which is what made this shower so great! (To read Madi's blogpost that includes more details about the shower, look HERE. ) This baby- celebration was primarily for family and it was so much fun seeing and catching up with family (from both Stephen's side and mine) that I don't get to see all-that-often.

^^ We didn't get a picture of everyone who came to the shower, but we did snap this pic of the girl-cousins on my mom's side of the family. I love having so many cousins with me here in Utah!
^^Me and Mad, my best friend//cousin//ex-roommate//baby-shower planner extraordinaire!

The food (creme puffs with dipping sauces, yogurt parfaits, and two different kinds of delicious quiche), the decor, and the games were all top-notch. My favorite game we played was one where people had to identify events that took place in either Stephen's life or mine. Thankfully I got them all right! (Although I almost missed one, but luckily changed it at the last second!) Stephen's sister, Sarah, and my sister, Miriam, both tied with getting all but two correct. How well can YOU do?? 

This is embarrassing..but I failed to take a picture with my mom who came out from California for the shower! (#daughterfail) THANKS FOR COMING, MAMA, EVEN THOUGH WE DON'T HAVE A PICTURE TO PROVE YOU WERE THERE! ;) 

There's no question that BabyGirl is loved, and so am I! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!

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  1. How fun! I am so excited for you. Glad I saw your blog in my feed, gets me all excited for my baby too! They should date :D