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^^My sister Rebekah and me :) She is due in December with baby #4 (a boy).

^^Seeing how much my hair has grown since I cut and donated 13 inches last October! (I actually think it's grown longer than it seems in the pictures since my hair is slightly curled in the recent one. I attribute the fast (and healthy!) growth to prenatal vitamins! wahoo!  // having lunch at the creamery with my sisters, Rebekah and Miriam, when Rebekah was out here for her brother-in-law's wedding // Stephen challenging me to try to do a sit up. HAHAHAH. Needless to say, I couldn't. And it was hilarious. // All the photoshoots I've been able to do lately!!!  to see some pics, look HERE // going to the pumpkin patch with some friends in my (old) ward // the fact that BabyGirl could be here NEXT WEEK. (OR earlier. OR later. Why do babies have to be so darn unpredictable?!?!) // Watching Stephen try to kill a fly using the fly-swatter like he was fencing. (It was probably one of those "you had to be there moments" but I was dying.) // When my friend BAILEE (who now lives in Texas) surprised me by showing up at my door! // Going to lunch with my JERU-ROOMIES at Station 22 (the Jack Kerouac burger was amazing btw) // having a dishwasher!!! //being invited to brunch by my friend and the amazing food blogger Lucia // making it to costco on Saturday night 5 minutes before they closed!

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  1. I'm so glad you could come! I think we need to make girls brunch a regular occurrence :)