Game Changer.

4:33 PM

I am SO SO SO unbelievable giddy and excited to announce....

WE GOT A DISHWASHER!!!!!!!!!! (Are ten exclamation points enough to accurately portray my excitement?) 

It's funny how something so seemingly insignificant to many people is such a HUGE deal with where we are in life right now. haha. I don't think I thought twice about having a dishwasher while growing up, nor did I give it much thought while living in the six different apartments I lived in as a single BYU student. But after TWO WHOLE YEARS without one, I feel like my whole life is changed. What will do I with all the spare time I'm going to have now that would have previously been spent washing dishes and silverware?! (To be fair, Stephen is so kind as to wash the silverware 80% of the time because I really, really hate it...but you get the idea ;)) 

Yes, it's ghetto. It's portable (which means it has a hose that comes out the back that attaches to our kitchen sink faucet), the wheels don't roll super well, and the bottom drawer is missing a wheel on the front-right side (hence the adorable purple bow that is holding the bottom drawer up just enough to allow the propeller thing to spin), it has dents and dings, and it has some questionable food stains on the left side. BUT IT'S A DISHWASHER!!!! AND IT (mostly) WORKS!!! 

I'm so happy I could sing. 
_ _ _

PS Last night I had a dream that BabyGirl was born and she could already walk and talk (even though she still looked like a newborn)! I woke up and started telling Stephen about it and he said THE SAME THING HAPPENED IN HIS DREAM. At first I thought it was really funny that we both dreamt about this, (sidenote: she was talking about Hush Puppies and Malcom Gladwell at one point in my dream hahaha) but now I'm slightly creeped out. I've often thought about how much more convenient it would be if babies could just talk from the time they were born...but after this dream I have different thoughts. haha.

PPS In case anyone (Dad) is worried that we've indeed forgotten how to pack a dishwasher after all this time without one (see picture above) I just thought I should mention that the picture was taken after our first "trial run" and we didn't know if it was actually going to work! I promise we will pack it much more efficiently in the future ;) 

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