A New Domain Name, A Kind Stranger from Afar, & Other Rainy-Day Thoughts

1:21 PM

^^A picture of Stephen and me as babies because posts are better with pictures and here's to hoping that BabyGirl will get the amount of hair Stephen and I had combined, plus some. haha.

A few months ago I decided I wanted to change my blog domain name to "merryhappyblog" at blogspot.com. To be honest, I don't really know why I wanted the change, or what even made me think of it, but I was quite saddened when I discovered that it was already in use. I visited the site merryhappyblog.blogspot.com to see what it was being used for and discovered....the site hadn't been used IN YEARS. It was the blog of someone (I assumed in Germany because there were random German words around) and only had like two posts on it. Thus, I was further saddened because I really wanted that particular domain (again, don't ask me why..) and it wasn't even being used!!! On the sidebar of the blog there was a link to the site-owner's GooglePlus and Stephen joked that I should just send the guy a message and ask to have the domain name. SO, I did. ahahaha. And just this morning he responded back!!! Through a slightly complicated series of events (and a TON of cooperation and patience from this kind stranger) I was able to get the domain name!!!!!! Bless you, Julian! (If by some random chance you are reading this.) You made my day. 

So: Welcome to merryhappyblog!

My having-a-new-domain-name really does nothing to affect (effect? <--this one always stumps me) you, dear reader, other than if you were to ever search for my blog you would need to do so by googling merryhappyblog rather than merryhappyolsons, but most people who view my blog just look at it from the link I post on Facebook, or the email that comes to their inbox, so I can't imagine it will matter much. (Bloglovin' followers, take note!)

In other news, IT'S OCTOBER. Costco told me October would be arriving MONTHS ago when I went in and it had halloween costumes staring me right in the face. But now, it is here. It's weird being due on the last day of the month because I literally have no idea if BabyGirl will be making her debut into this world this month, or next, but knowing that it might possibly be this month makes me feel all the feels. Apprehension, excitement, terror, hysteria, denial, you name it and it has probably been felt. ha. BUT, I'm happy to report that excitement is probably the most commonly felt emotion now-a-days (with terror at close second, haha). It really is a weird place (mentally) to be.

I was talking to my visiting teachers yesterday and one of them had a baby a couple months ago. She said that as she and her husband drove home from the hospital she felt like they were babysitting and she was like, "This is MY baby??!" hahaha. I can definitely picture that happening to me. Things started getting a lot more real after my baby showers (POST COMING SOON, PROMISE!) and having a random assortment of baby things around the house. (Read: all over and in and on everything because we have no space so it's literally just like on the floor and the dresser and bursting out of the closet. ahahaha) <<- NOT that I'm complaining. We are so blessed to have such amazingly generous family and friends! So so blessed. THANK YOU ALL.

It's also weird to think that the "Stephen and Me" stage of life will be coming to a close. When I have the thought (not that it happens too often because I'm mostly okay with baby girl taking all the time she needs) "Okay, BabyGirl, we've waited long enough, it's time for you to just BE HERE already" I just remind myself that really I need to be appreciating each day I get with just Stephen. Because people LOOOVE to remind you how much everything changes once you have a baby. And, I have a dang good life right now, so I definitely need to enjoy it. And I really, really do.

Becoming a parent is kind of a weird thing if you think about it. Just in one day you go from being two blissfully naive newly-weds to being PARENTS. And then forever and ever, all the days of your life and BEYOND, you'll ALWAYS be parents. It's a pretty crazy (not to mention intimidating!) thought. 

Oh yeah, and it's an exciting one, too. I think? hahahaha. 
 _ _ _

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  1. I HATED how people would feel the need to remind me that everything changes once you have a baby. And they say it like its a bad thing. "Better go out and have fun while you can!" "Get as much sleep while you can!" As if you're not emotional enough while you're pregnant. But HELLO it's the best change in the world! You are going to love being a mom!!

  2. Enjoy the time banana!!
    Love you tons.