Merry Happy List: 11

9:28 AM

^^Notice: the $5 "wedding ring" from The Icing
 ^^My husband, the MODEL. (insert all the heart eyes)
Piggy-Back rides are infinitely more entertaining when there is a small human crammed in-between you hahahaha
^^We both think this picture is hilarious. It was yet-another attempt at a piggy back ride (keep in mind that all of these pictures were taken with a tripod and self-timer) literally on the side of the road. Right when I went to jump on Stephen's back a car came around the corner, honked and startled me to no end so I'm falling off and Stephen is trying to keep me from falling. hahaha. The reason why our faces are orange is because of the car's headlights. 

watercoloring and framing (using a spray-painted frame from DI!) a little sign to complete our bedroom wall (thanks to the inspiration from Ashley !) (see picture above) // painting my nails the perfect fall shade // making ALL the hair bows and experimenting with my own patterns, maybe I'll post a tutorial if I can get good enough! // this year's "drive through the canyon" to take pictures with the fall leaves. It was AMAZING, perhaps the most beautiful yet (previous years: 2014, 2013). Plus, is there anything better than taking pics of & with that guy?? ^^ // making these cookies, eating some for breakfast, and not even feeling bad about it // doing a fall photoshoot with my friend Lauren and her cute family // the dreamiest baby shower for Baby Girl hosted by my friends Melissa and Chels (post coming soon!) // making serious progress on my t-shirt quilt (Aunt Lisa, you're a SAINT) // being able to see my friend Jess' NEW HOUSE // cuddling with Stephen and BabyGirl was kicking him in the bum hahhaha// reading through old blog posts and actually laughing because my life is hilarious (particularly here here and here <-- I'm blaming the pregnancy hormones but this one actually made me cry. Goodness I love that man of mine!) Sidenote: can you believe it's almost been a year since I cut 13 inches off my hair?! I can't!

Happy First Day of Fall! 
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  1. Holy your hair grows fast!!! Im thinking about cutting off 10-12 inches soon. nervous.

  2. First of all, I am so honored to have inspired your craft! Also, your wedding photo is GORGEOUS! Seriously gorgeous! I love your happy list, it makes me happy :)