The Starving Student Date

11:24 PM

At the beginning of fall semester last year, we caved and purchased the "Starving Student Card," which is a card full of discounts that BYU sells in the Bookstore every year. It has different sections of coupons and most of them are BOGO (buy one get one), or buy and entree and two drinks and get a second entree free (which is a rip off because drinks are so expensive and we'd rather just have water). BUT, there is a section on there of stuff that is actually FREE. (Well, not really when you consider you actually paid $30 for the card in the first place haha, but we'll just pretend like they're free so I can feel good about how much we "saved" ;)) A while ago we talked about how we should try to do all of the free things in one night to get our money's worth, so for my "birthday date" that's exactly what we did! Well..tried. haha

Stephen was so cute. Before the date he mapped out a schedule of where we would go and the order to go in based on what things were located by each other. Unfortunately, right before we were going to go, I got realllly tired and Stephen was so nice to let me take a nap (longer than I planned) even though it kind threw off the evening and made it so we couldn't quite fit everything in. Stephen was a really good sport about it, though, and we had a ton of fun. 

First stop: A FREE 7" pizza from Blackjack Pizza
^^The pizza was actually delicious. But, even if it hadn't been, you seriously can't beat the price tag of $0.00 ;) 

Next: A FREE 6" sandwich from Gandolfo's.
This one was a FAIL! Even though the card clearly had the coupon, and we were at the location it specified, the workers would not honor it! They said that the starving student card "published the coupon without their consent." (I guess they had agreed to it the year before, but not for this year's card?) They said they would still honor the BOGO option, but neither of us are really that crazy about Gandolfos so we just left. ha. 

At this point though, we were pretty hungry...and the rest of the actually free options were pretty far away and probably not going to fill us, so we decided to go to Rumbi where we got one free entree with the purchase of one entree. 

^^The food did NOT disappoint. 

Next we headed to Creativity Art Studio, (which is the same idea as Color Me Mine) where we got one "free studio fee." I've never been to Color Me Mine, and I've always wanted to go because I secretly think it would be cool to feel like an artist. It was!!! We painted a little mug and both really enjoyed it :) we were soooo slow, but luckily we weren't in a rush and just had fun chatting and painting all the way up until they closed (in a totally empty studio - we were the only people there the whole time, along with the one worker haha).
^^We were pretty proud of our finished work. We knew it was going to look different after being in the kiln, but when we went to pick it up a week later, it was QUITE different than we were expecting (read: ugly hahahaha).

By this point, we were pretty tired! We considered using another BOGO to get some dessert, but we were so full from dinner, we just went home and watched a movie instead.

Over the next few days we tried to take advantage of as many of the other free things on the card as possible (since it expired Sept 1st), like a free rock-chip windshield repair, and a free game of bowling in the Wilk (we won't talk about the scores, haha). To be totally honest I don't know if the Starving Student Card was really worth it in the end...but it definitely made for a fun date night!
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