It's Not Over till The Fat Lady Skis [Lake Powell 2015]

9:34 PM

870 photos captured
210 Gatorade bottles
102 miles traveled by houseboat
96 homemade cookies devoured
92 minutes spent on a single game of California Speed
54 rounds of Wacky Six
47 ounces of Nutella consumed
36 swimsuits packed
16 books read
14 ski-boat trips
13.78 people
12 french braids-braided
10 sleeping mats
9 bottles of sunscreen 
8 bags of chips
6 days surrounded by water and red rocks
5 movies watched
4 different flavors of M&Ms
3 accounts of a fish biting a human (I SWEAR it bit me, okay?!!)
2 very sunburned people
1 waterskiing pregnant lady
0 people airlifted by helicopter (THANK. GOODNESS.)

^^Just in case you doubted that I actually water skied ;) Notice: the fact that the life jacket is HUGE on me despite the fact that I couldn't buckle the 4th buckle due to my stomach hahaha (#pregnancyprobs)
^^No Lake Powell trip is complete without a synchronized swimming routine, and shampoo hair-sculptures. [We missed you, Gram!!!]

This year's Lake Powell trip was one for the books! It was the perfect, relaxing vacation with plenty of time to put off thinking about real life and the fact that Stephen would be going back to school in just a few short days. This year was particularly fun because my parents and younger siblings (Daniel and Miriam) came. We're so grateful to the Jensen's for letting us tag along again! It was definitely a summer highlight :) (and thankfully much less traumatic than last years' adventure). I can't believe this summer is already coming to a close! It has FLOWN. (But then again, is there such thing as a "slow summer"? because I feel like that would be an oxymoron or something.) 
_ _ _

PS Confession: Although I've been saying my due date is November's actually October 31st, which means BabyGirl might come NEXT MONTH! At this point I'm still thinking the first week in November would be better seeing as I still don't even feel REMOTELY ready to have a baby, but maybe in 6 weeks from now I'll feel differently?! Check back in a month to find out! haha

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  1. Love this!! So glad you guys made it! Also the photo of the guys is like the best ever.

    1. Haha. I love that Stephen and Nate are laughing, and Jeff looks happy and then Daniel is... trying to be hardcore? haha Apparently whatever was funny wasn't funny enough to merit a response from Daniel.