Merry Happy List: 10

1:29 PM

^^made this cute gif of my parents at lake powell and 100% intended to put it in my lake powell post, and then I forgot! (#pregnancybrain?)

STEPHEN ACCEPTING A JOB OFFER (one that we are both really excited about! SLC we'll be headed your way come April graduation) // starting on a t-shirt quilt with the help of my very patient and helpful aunt (I literally don't have a clue what I'm doing.) // finally printing & hanging up some wedding pictures in our house (it only took two years..) // experimenting with recipes and having them actually work and taste delicious! (I made this fried rice, but used the sauce from this recipe. Success! I can guarantee that I'll be making it again.) // coming back from the mall JUST in time to see BYU's hail mary touchdown against Nebraska // getting a $5 ring from the icing to wear as a wedding ring since mine is currently a bit too snug (love wearing a ring again!) // face timing with my friend Bailee who moved to Texas // watching Stephen's first intramural game of the season (intramurals are so much more enjoyable to watch when the weather is nice!) // eating ALL the peaches because they were on super-sale at Lolo's

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  1. Making bread at Annie's house. Just another thing I thought of. Love love love the parent pics!!!

  2. Okay, that's embarrassing. I noticed a spelling error in my comment and so tried to quickly delete it and then type it again. But I didn't know it would show "comment removed." That makes it look like I needed to remove something bad or controversial! Oh well.

  3. What is Stephens job?? where will you be moving?! so fun! P.s. I don't know if this was explicitly stated the other night but you and Stephan are totally invited to come watch the BYU game at our house next weekend!

  4. You should move to Sandy!!!!! Then we can be friends again! And have playdates, etc!