The Burger-Feds.

10:16 AM

On Monday, after we got back from Midway, we headed over to Bryce and Melissa's for a little BBQ. There was volleyball, wiffle ball, friends, and a ridiculous amount of food!

(There were others there too, but unfortunately I didn't get out the camera until after they left!)

Stephen and I definitely had our fair share of burgers this weekend! We had burgers on Saturday for dinner, for lunch on Monday, and for dinner on Monday! They were allll delicious. I love burgers. They are one of my favorite foods. But I think we may have had our fill for at least a little while. (Like maybe a week?)

 We had a wonderful Memorial Day! Not only are we grateful for our great friends and the great weather and the great day off, we are also very appreciative of the GREAT country in which we live and the freedoms we enjoy thanks to the many who have sacrificed greatly for the sake of our country.
God bless America!

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  1. Uh yeah I was so mad I didn't take any pics!!! I always forget. always. haha