Movie Friday.

9:39 AM

First let me just take a sec and brag about how cool Stephen is for landing an AMAZING summer internship. Out of DOZENS of applicants he was selected (after FOUR rounds of interviews) to be an Intern at a really cool company in Salt Lake City. He hasn't even applied to the Finance program yet, so the fact that he scored a paid summer internship as a sophomore is pretty incredible. (But if you know him at all you're probably not that surprised because he is more than 'pretty' incredible.)

It's Friday morning and I'm taking Stephen to the train station so he can catch his 6:20 am train. We are just about to pull into the station when Stephen realizes he's forgotten not only his train pass, but also his security badge for getting into his really cool workplace. Without missing a beat, I flip a U-ie and drive like a madwoman  carefully-and-calmly-in-a-speedy-manner back to the house. Upon arrival Stephen runs lickety-split inside to grab the badges and we're OFF! Were on the road again back to the train station. Speeding Driving hastily yet cautiously down University, we speed through pass through each green light with ease until we are stopped at a COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY red. As we zoom  drive over the overpass we see the train sitting motionless on the tracks below. Will we make it???  Racing Pulling into the parking lot we can see the train sitting on the tracks just a few hundred yards away. Stephen jumps out and sprints onto the platform as the train slowly starts picking up speed. Stephen runs along side the train for a few moments before bowing his head in defeat. WE had lost.


Stephen ended up driving to work, and after he'd been gone about half an hour I realized - my phone was still in the car! He gets done with work early on Fridays and wanted me to take the train and meet him in Salt Lake so we could hang out downtown for a bit and then I could ride back home with him. Needless to say, I was pretty apprehensive about traveling the train on my own without a cell phone and not really knowing where to meet Stephen once I got there. BUT, I survived. 
And it was an adventure. :) And my mom would be proud of me. :) 
Regardless of the stressful morning, it truly was a fabulous (rainy) day.
Oh ya, and I forgot to mention we were matching. WOOPS #sorrynotsorry

PS We went to lunch at Kneaders and had the Chicken Pesto Panini and I literally have not stopped thinking about it since. YES: LITERALLY. We came home and I thought about it so much that we went to the store and bought all of the ingredients to make said Panini for dinner. We proceeded to eat it  again for dinner on Saturday AND for lunch on Sunday. I'm telling you I'm obsessed. Now do yourself a favor and go make a Chicken Pesto panini. And then invite me over to eat it with you ;)

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  1. haha that is so funny. I had to commute last semester to Salt Lake and it adventure!