Birthday Pups.

10:55 PM

About a year ago I got a flier on my windshield advertising a new company in Provo called "Rent-A-Puppy." I laughed and threw away the flier thinking it was a joke. A few months later, one of my friends posted on instagram about actually renting a puppy. I was shocked! It was for real!

When it came to figuring out what to do for Stephen's birthday, I decided that renting a puppy just might be the perfect present :)

The puppy was supposed to arrive at 10:15 am on Saturday...but it never came! I was so sad :( I didn't tell Stephen what was going on because I wanted it to be surprise, but after an hour of no puppy I broke down and felt horrible that my birthday surprise WASN'T going to happen. Stephen, being the saint that he is, just hugged me and told me that it didn't matter. FINALLY, (after sending a grumpy email) I received a call from a very apologetic Rent-A-Puppy employee. He said sorry three or four times and said that he would be delivering the puppy (James) very soon!

When he knocked on the door to our surprise there was not just one puppy, but TWO! He said we could keep them both for the hour! And so for the next 60 minutes, we became the proud parents of two adorable puppies: James the Chihuahua/Yorkie mix, and Tess the Labrador/German Shepard.

We took the pups to the park for a bit, and then it started to rain a little bit so we took them to our apartment and played with them in the kitchen. It was fun to watch Stephen play with the puppies, but I have to admit - my favorite part was when they fell asleep cuddling. IT WAS JUST SO CUTE.

Despite the less-than-stellar first impression - it was actually a good experience :) Stephen had a blast and having both puppies was very entertaining! You can probably tell which one I thought was cuter due to unequal proportion of puppy pics. Hopefully you won't be able to figure out the same thing based on pictures of my future children ;) baha

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