Church Bells

9:50 PM

I've been kind of on a roll here with this blogging thing, so I figure I gotta keep it up in order to establish some sort of a habit. (I don't think that's a very sound theory, but I'm just going to go with it...)
I've edited some of the pictures that I took at Bryce and Melissa's wedding and was just bitten with the wedding bug and simply had to share the wedding joy with you all. :)
(Bryce and Melissa, I mean, although I was pretty proud of some of the pics too. ;))
There is something seriously great about weddings. I've always enjoyed them, but now that I have my own wedding to reminisce about they're even better! I am so incredibly excited for Bryce and Melissa. 
It was a perfect day.
PS Recognize that tassel hanging over the fireplace? It might look familiar from this post. :)

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