Happily 'Merry Happy'

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A few months ago I was talking to my friend Emilee whilst sipping a "Cast Away" from Sodalicious. (Which really is "so delicious" btw.) We were just chattin,' giggling, and enjoying the sunshine as girls during reading days do when she asked me,"Why is your blog named Merry Happy?"

Sometime in Feb/March of 2011 Stephen was back home in Iowa getting ready to leave for his mission and I was in good 'ole Provo finishing up my sophomore year. One day Stephen and I were Skyping and he introduced me to a song he had recently come across called "Merry Happy." He played it for me and we chuckled at the amusing lyrics and the sweet English accent of the artist, Kate Nash. Although the song is technically a break up song, the chorus starts out, "Dancin' at Disco's, Eatin' Cheese on toast, yeah you make me merry, make me very very happy..."

A few days later we were Skyping again and I said to Stephen, "What do you think she was talking about when she said 'cheese on toast'? Do you picture the cheese being melted or not melted? Because for some reason I picture the cheesing not melted." Stephen thought this was a ridiculous question and statement and said she definitely meant melted cheese. "No one eats toast with cheese that ISN'T melted on it!" he said.  The next day I emailed him the following picture:
Not long later, I received the following photo from him:
And then I responded with a video of myself as a potato person singing the chorus of the song (which is much too embarrassing to post online, so a simple series of pictures will have to suffice):
Needless to say, "Merry Happy" and its lyrics quickly became commonplace in our everyday conversations and we introduced many people to the song (which, I'll be honest is actually kind of boring after the first minute). During the next two years, while Stephen was gone, whenever I needed a little pick-me-up I'd listen to the song and happily reminisce about all of its associated memories.

A little over two years after introducing me to the song, Stephen proposed. And inside of the silver band that he proposed with were the words engraved, "Merry Happy."

If you'd like to hear the original song go here. (But like I said before, it's actually pretty boring after like the first 60ish seconds...)

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  1. I LOVE this story! But what in the world is on that picture Stephen is wearing? And pleeeeeeeze can't we see the singing potato?

  2. Ya, Hannah you should post that video! It is quit a prime video! :) Haha.

  3. I just cried. Too cute, isn't love the best!