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The month of May 2018 was a big deal in the Olson household. Two members of the family celebrated birthdays (Elliott and Stephen) AND we added two additional members that I'm 100% certain will make their mark (literally and figuratively) on our family forever. 


We knew this summer would be our year to finally have a grill. We looooove burgers, grilled chicken, and kabobs (who doesn't?!) and now that we have a backyard it seemed silly not to take advantage! When it came to actually purchasing the grill, however, we didn't have a clue what we were doing since neither of us know much of anything about grills and they can get pretty pricey. After a lot of searching and researching (and multiple phone calls to my dad) - we found this baby on facebook marketplace for $75 and we were sold! We've used it almost everyday since we bought it and we 👏🏻 love 👏🏻 it👏🏻. We're determined to be burger-making masters (like my dad) by the end of summer! He swears the key to a good burger is to cook them low and slow and give them a healthy (or not-so-healthy 😜) dose of Lawry's garlic salt, haha. We've still got work to do, but I'd say we're starting to get the hang of it!


One evening Stephen was chatting with one of our neighbors who was getting ready to move to a new house. During the conversation they offered to give us their swingset before the move. Lydia loves swings and slides and without hesitating Stephen said we would absolutely take it. When Stephen excitedly told me about our recent acquisition he mentioned that it was a little old and broken but he was certain Lydia would be thrilled. When the beloved swingset showed up in our backyard a few days later, he was right! Lydia was THRILLED! ...her mom, not so much 😜

Needless to say, this swing-set has already made it's mark (or two 😳) and I often feel like I should probably have liability waivers for parents to fill out before they let their children play in our backyard 🙈 but Lydia and her little friends absolutely love it, and I try to keep my anxieties to myself for the most part (although I will say this is not a strong-suit of mine - especially while being pregnant) 😂.

In Stephen's defense, the playset has continuously proven to be a hit and the injuries have been very minor (so far 🙈). Lydia's excitement to have a swing in her very own backyard has definitely been worth it. 

I'm can't wait for all of the many (hopefully positive 😂) memories to come with these two new family members!

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