2:50 PM

I know I'm about a month late 😅 but it's never too late to post some adorable photos of a chubby one year old eating some cake AM I RIGHT(?!) so here we are! Elliott's first birthday was super low-key (even more low-key than Lydia's - which is saying something because I thought hers was about as bare-bones as they come, haha). We had some neighbors over to eat cake and ice cream and sing Happy Birthday. 

Funny story about the ice cream - when I opened our freezer the day before the party I noticed that there were a lot of things that were melting. Frantically I texted around to a few neighbors to see if anyone had some extra freezer-space for us to stash a few things before it spoiled. Thankfully a neighbor had a spare freezer in her garage that was practically empty so I hurried and moved it all over there. I put the gallon of ice cream I had purchased for the party and other things into her freezer and said I'd be in touch when I needed them. The next day a few minutes before the party started I texted to see if I could grab the ice cream and she said they would be out until late that evening! Oops! I panicked and made Stephen run to the store and get another gallon of ice cream...needless to say, we still have looooots of ice cream in our freezer from his birthday over a month ago. 😂

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