9:00 AM

I filmed this video days after finding out we were expecting and before the sickness kicked in! Unfortunately it didn't take long for the sickness to put me out for a few months during which time editing this video was the FURTHEST thing from my mind! I'm glad to say that I'm safely in the second trimester and feeling approximately 1000x better, so I finally got around to doing something with it! I really do hope to use video to document this pregnancy more so please hold me to it!

Watch the video for answers to questions like "Was this pregnancy planned?!" and "How many kids do you want?!" You just might learn a thing or two you didn't know ;)
_ _ _

P.S. On a scale from 1 to vain how bad does it make me that all I can think about while watching this video back is how much I miss my eyelash extensions?! 😂🙈

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