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*I started making this list before Elliott's birthday and Lydia's half birthday, so even though many of these no longer apply, I figured I better post them before everything has changed! It is seriously crazy how quickly their mannerisms change at the current stages they are in.


...Insisting that bowls and spoons must be paired with the same color (i.e. a blue bowl and a blue spoon).

...Stealing the neighbor’s scooter to take for a ride any times she sees it left unattended. 

...Jumping. On the couch, off the couch, on the neighbors trampoline, on the stairs, off the stairs. So. Much. Jumping.

...Sneaking Angie’s kettle corn out of the pantry for a snack.

...Watching out the front window for “the kids” to come outside and play. 

...Always requiring a straw.

...Asking to see her friend Millie 93573928 times a day. 

...Taking Kiki everywhere. 

...Crazy, frizzy, tangled, curly hair. 

...Calling bandaids "bandies," bananas "bannas," and pajamas "jammas." 

...Saying "Oh my gosh, heavens!"

...Smothering Elliott with "cuddles" dozens of times daily.

...Responding to "O'Lydia" and "Lydia" interchangeably.

...Nearly constant nose picking 🙈.

...carrying around purses and "diaper bags."

...saying, "Watch this, mom!" and, "See mom! It's not dangerous!" every time she successfully does something I asked her not to do. 

...overemphasizing the "k" sound on the end of words ("parkk," "workk," "walkk," "backk," "awakkke," "milkk," ).


While I'm cutting apple slices for us to eat, “Mom do you want some apple too? You can sit right here in your chair and we can have an apple party!” 

Elliott was being a little whiney and she said, "It's okay buddy, I know it's a struggle." (Wonder where she picked up on that one...😂)

Me, in the garage waiting for Lydia to come load up, "Lydia! Are you coming?!"
Lydia, "Ya, mom! I'm just gonna get Elliott's sippy cup!"
Me, "I already got his sippy cup!"
Lydia, "Oh you did?! GREAT!"

Walking home from the park she noticed my shoes, “Mommy you're cute for wearing Daddy's sandals.”

Me: "It looks like you're missing finger nail polish in some of your nails! Where did it go?!"
Lydia, "Uh, Maybe the wind."

"Our car is really dirty. I tried to clean it with sand, but it didn't work."


...Fully extending one arm upward outward and when he is happy to see someone. 

...Constantly chewing. On his fingers. On the table. On toys. On food. (On Stephen.) Everything gets a little nibble.

...Sitting, rolling, scooting, and standing! (But not crawling...)

...Peeing out of everything. 

...Making duck noises. 

...Wheezing. (The doctor isn't worried, but he ALWAYS has one.)

...dancing when he sees me peeling an banana.

...dancing to the sound of the blender and the water draining out of the bathtub.

...smiling at strangers.

...waving and almost blowing kisses.

...sleeping like a champ (both at night and for naps. BLESS HIM).

...climbing up the stairs. 😱

...saying "dada."

...being deeply offended when Stephen gets home from work and doesn't pick him up first thing.

Recently one of the neighbor kids asked, “Why is Elliott so happy and smiling all the time?”

^^truly a question for the ages, but I'm not complaining one bit.

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