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Someone recently asked us where we're living and Stephen replied with, "We're vagabond-ing it right now."

baha. Vagabond-ing it. Get it??

We have been officially "homeless" for 12 days now, but the good news is - being homeless is a pretty cushy gig when you have family that's willing to take you in ;) (To clarify: we're not actually homeless, we're moving in with my Aunt and Uncle in the Salt Lake area at the end of the month, but since Stephen doesn't start working for a few weeks, we decided to make the most of it by getting in some quality family time ;) before then.)
The last 12 days have looked something like this:
1-5 : Aunt and Uncle's house in Provo
6-7: Grandpa's house in Salt Lake
8: Back to Provo
9: Back to Salt Lake
10: Parent's house in California
11-12: Sister's house in Texas
(We stay in TX until mid-next week and then return to CA.)

While this^^ might seem completely crazy, we found cheap flights from OAK to DAL so we drove to CA as a means of getting to Texas. We are excited to spend more time in California with my sibs/parents when we return!

I've been itching to make more home-video type movies lately and after getting a feel for "vlogging" via snapchat, I decided to make a vlog-style video in the car on the way to California. I didn't feel like we were recording that much footage, but when I went to put the video together I had over THIRTY MINUTES of video! I was shocked!! I wanted the video to be about five minutes, so it was quite the challenge to cut it down accordingly. It may not be the most entertaining to others, but I figure if it's even mildly entertaining to me right now, I can only image how much more entertaining it will be five years from now!

I hope to make more of these types of videos in the future**, but I'm curious -- is there a trick to deciding which footage to include in the final product?? Video friends - share with me your wisdom.

**Let's just hope I choose to film from more flattering angles in the future hahaha.

_ _ _

PS Shout out to our amazing families who have been so willing to take us in this month! THANK YOU!!

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  1. So great! And so nice to hear a success story. Also, Man chest hair United. That's amazing.

    1. Haha. Stephen thinks he's pretty clever for that one... and I really hope your CA drive goes well!!

  2. How fun! I have been wanting to vlog lately, but don't know what I'd talk about! I am addicted to periscope, but again...what to talk about??? I hope you guys travel safely and have tons of fun :)

    1. Yes!!! I am having the same problem with Periscope!!! I thought of a few things, but then life got so crazy I haven't done it, and now I forgot what I was going to talk about! haha. Let me know when you do one though! I want to watch live!!