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Yesterday we took a day trip to San Francisco! My mom needed to take my brother Daniel to the Oakland airport and since it's about two hours from where my parents live we decided to make a day of it and do a few touristy things in the bay. We looked at the weather before we left and it was predicted to be in the low 60s. My sister Miriam scoffed at the sweater I was wearing before we left and said I should definitely dress warmer. I rolled my eyes and grabbed a jacket just in case. MIRIAM I LOVE YOU YOU'RE THE BEST EVER. Not only was she right (San Francisco is almost always colder than I think it's going to be) in the car on the way there I started feeling pretty achy. By the time we arrived I had a full-blown FEVER. I was FREEZING. Goosebumps everywhere, shivering, shaking and basically turning blue! (Okay...possibly exaggerating..) We ate lunch at Boudin on the pier and then walked to Ghirardelli square. I had about three bites of the sundae we got and then was totally sugared-out and really didn't have the energy to walk back to the car in the icy-wind. Thankfully, my mom, grandparents (who are also here visiting for Miriam's farewell tomorrow) and Miriam walked back to the car while Stephen and I stayed inside the restaurant, and then they came and picked us up. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I was feeling so miserable we left to go back home after only a few hours and with the Friday afternoon traffic it took us almost 4 hours to get home! YIKES!  

^^If you look closely, you can see Lydia's first tooth! It popped through the day after her "half birthday"(aka May 6th).

Needless to say, I felt TERRIBLE that the day got cut short! Everyone was really nice about not making me feel bad though, and in Stephen's opinion that Ghirardelli brownie sundae was worth the six hours of travel time ;)

THANKFULLY after a good-night's sleep and some ibuprofen, I'm feeling much better today!
The saddest part is that I had this really cute instagram post planned with a photo of Stephen and Lydia and me with the Golden Gate in the background, "A great day in the bay with my babe and BAE*!"

The good news is I did get to spend a day in the bay with my baby and just wasn't quite as great as I'd hoped! ha. The real-life struggles of a social-media-enthusiast-millennial...
_ _ _

*BAE: (noun) Before Anyone Else - a term that has recently become a popular term for "significant other"

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