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^^For FHE on Monday, Stephen and James played baseball with the kids (I took photos ;)). 

^^We really wanted to take a group photo, but unfortunately couldn't figure out how to make the timer longer than 2 seconds. hahaha. Stephen had to press the button and then sprint to get into the photo 5 or 6 times before we finally decided to move the group closer to the camera. HAHA! 
 ^^Finally a good one and of course it's blurry and Lydia is turned away! -_-

 Oh, Texas! The land of crazy drivers, Texas-shaped stepping stones, and the place where, for the first time EVER, when we were asked, "Where ya'll from?" I responded with "Utah" instead of the typical "I'm from California, he's from Iowa" speech that I've grown so accustomed to giving. AND JUST LIKE THAT IT'S OFFICIAL. We no longer live in Utah as students - WE ARE UTAHNS. (But I'm getting off track on the purpose of this post...)

Dallas was so much fun! The days were spent being entertained by Rebekah's kids (Brooklyn begged "Aunt Stephen" to watch her climb the tree at least two dozen times a day) and the evenings were spent staying up way too late talking with Rebekah and James (who would then proceed to stay up even later working on James' business!). 

In true Texas fashion, Stephen (aka "That Dad" as Rebekah's three-year-old consistently called him) and James went out one night to try and shoot some pesky backyard rats with a pellet gun, but unfortunately didn't have any luck...

Every few months Rebekah will post funny quotes from her kids and they are always my favorite. Little kids are hilarious! Each time we visit family we add a few memorable quotes to our repertoire, this trip did not disappoint! 

One last quote from a conversation with Brooklyn while coloring My Little Pony coloring pages:
Brooklyn: "Is Uncle Stephen my mom's brother?"
Me: "No, I'm your mom's sister and he's my husband."
Brooklyn: "Oh. So you found him?!"

THANK YOU AGAIN for hosting us, Rebekah & James. We had so much fun :) 

I seriously cannot wait for when our kids are old enough to say funny things!
_ _ _

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