10:27 PM

^^Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback on this photo! haha, I feel like I should own up to the fact that I did my hair after I got home from church because I knew I wanted to take a nice Easter photo and I also borrowed this dress from my cousin FOR the photo (because it matched Stephen's tie soooo well) and only wore it for about twenty minutes because I was legitimately worried about ripping it. hahahaha At least you [hopefully] can't really tell in the photo ;)

seeing trees with beautiful blossoms // church yesterday (esp. sacrament meeting) // attending my aunt's sealing & seeing her so happy // the carrot cake my mom made // my mom being in town // my sister & brother in law visiting from washington // kierst telling me she watches my snapstories with her roommate // my cousin's bridal shower // making up my own rules to rat-a-tat-cat and teaching them to my nephews (who then taught them to my very confused mom and sister hahaha) // Lydia's snorts & growls // hanging out with Ann & Rachel in Santaquin // visiting the school I taught at last year and introducing my coworkers to Lydia //  playing "honey if you love me you'll smile" with my 6 year old nephew who told me he plays it with his friends at recess //

Stephen: "I should have warned you this salad has kale hiding in it. It's disgusting." 

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