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Yesterday evening Stephen and I went on a walk. The temperature was a perfect 65 degrees and seeing all the blossoming trees at dusk was almost magical. I told Stephen that focusing on photography lately has really helped me appreciate the beauty around me. I don't think I've ever appreciated a spring more than this one because I'm always on the lookout for places to take beautiful photos and I'm constantly amazed at how many incredible places there are within a mile of where we live! Take this tree for example, it is exactly 15 steps away from our front door! 

^^Even though this pic is just a smidge blurry I love it so I'm posting it anyway.

(Naturally I had to take some pictures of Lydia because what could be better than an baby and a blossoming tree?!)

Both Stephen and I are already starting to feel rather nostalgic at the thought of leaving Provo. We talked about this as we wandered around the neighborhood last night. Provo is where we met, had our first kiss, where we've had our first (and only!) married apartment, and is the birthplace of our first baby! We love Provo! And yet, at the end of this month we will move away and Provo will no longer be our home, but rather a place we once lived filled with many fond memories. We're excited for the future and the adventures that await us, but also really really scared! I have friends here. A routine. Plenty of people to visit if I need to get out of the house! Not to mention LoLo's and Cafe Rio are a mere 10 minutes away! haha. When we move, none of that will be the case. And to be perfectly honest, that is really scary. But I'm getting off track here because the point of this post is not to go on and on about "oh woe is me," because we are incredibly blessed that Stephen has accepted an awesome job in Salt Lake that we are both really excited about, we are incredibly blessed to have an aunt and uncle who live north of salt lake who have kindly agreed to take us in for a few months while we find a place to live up there, and we are incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to "bloom where we are planted" (sry I just felt that I had to include that phrase b/c in a post about moving and blossoming trees, how could I not??) - the real point of this post is just to say: WE LOVE YOU PROVO & YOU'LL BE MISSED! 

Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but I found out a few weeks ago that (our favorite grocery store) LoLo's is closing at the end of this month and to be perfectly honest that fact that is making the thought of leaving Provo slightly more manageable than before. hahahhaha 
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  1. Such WONDERFUL PICTURES! Oh my goodness!

    1. Thank you! There are some more of Lydia looking directly at the camera I'll have to send you :)