12:15 PM

On Wednesday I went on a walk with Lydia. I've taken Lydia on walks before (though not many because the weather has been cold) but it was a beautiful afternoon and I needed to walk to a friend's house to return something so I decided to put Lydia in the stroller and walk over there. Lydia usually falls sleep in the stroller, but on this particular day she was totally alert and looking around. As we walked she busily looked in all directions with her mouth open just a little, occasionally letting out what I would call a "squawk of delight." Lydia is at such a fun age right now where little things that I don't even notice anymore are so fascinating to her. It's so fun to see the things that cause her to squeal with laughter (like ripping toilet paper or the sound of dropping a red plastic cup on the ground). Yes, kids are a lot of work, and sometimes at the end of the day I can't really think of anything I've "done," but I'm starting to figure out this mom life thing and I have to say, it's pretty great.

I snapped the pics above at the end of our walk on Wednesday, and they are my favorite pictures of her to date. (I hate to speak too soon, but it's looking like Lydia may have gotten her daddy's blue eyes after all, and I'm surely not complaining about that ;)) 

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  1. cute pictures! can't wait to meet lydia in person!! :)

    1. Thanks, Sarah! We can't wait either! Just a few more weeks :)