6:16 PM

going on a walk with my friend Taelor and taking our babies to see the ducks // going to a BBQ at a friend's new house in Lehi // going to the senior send-off finance dinner with Stephen while Lys and Bon babysat Lydia // Bon showing me that 14 people watched my snap-story! I had no idea I could track that, but I felt pretty cool when she showed me ;) // watching a video on VidAngel to celebrate Leap Day // Lydia's 4 month check-up which was actually really sad (because SHOTS) but it was very nice that Stephen was there with me :) // Mim interviewing Stephen & Me for her marriage and family class

continuing my snapstory obsession and saving them at the end of each day to compile into a video someday (if you're into seeing wayyy too many videos of Lyds all day long, feel free to follow along: freckledhan) // going to the provo rec center with Madi&Lewis and taking Lydia swimming for the first time (she was pretty indifferent about the whole experience but I thought it was fun!) // ALISON'S GEM JAM &&dancing with THEALISON herself AND when she commented on my instagram photo of the event #starstruck // taking Lydia to the park and seeing how much she LOVED the swing // going to storytime at the library with Madi and Lewis // using free taco coupons at 180 taco // watching Stephen dance with Lydia at a wedding reception on Saturday

Booo. I failed at posting my list last week :( The silly thing is that I even had most of it written, I just forgot to post it and then it was Thursday and I decided to just combine with this week's. Hopefully I'll stay on top of it for next week!

In other news I woke up at like 4:00 am on Saturday morning and WASN'T TIRED, so I laid in bed for an hour brainstorming blog post ideas before falling back asleep. hhahaha. Totally normal, right?? ;)
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  1. Okay what is the Alyson Show? I need to talk you about this at our next party!

    1. TheAlisonShow is just a girl (woman? haha I never know what word to use) who lives in Provo and has a blog and throws parties. There isn't really a show (although she does have a youtube channel) she' just incredibly entertaining. You should find her on instagram and/or snapchat because she is seriously hysterical and you'll quickly figure out why she has to many fans!