Devine, Delicious, and Inhumane

7:06 PM

Two delicious Thanksgiving feasts were on the docket for this year's holiday festivities. The first was a non-traditional Italian style meal with home-tossed + homemade pizzas, salad, soup and Italian sodas. The second was the all-american style thanksgiving meal complete with six-dozen rolls....for only eight people! (I won't mention that Stephen singlehandedly ate 3 dozen of them over the course of the next 3 days.)

If you ask me, it was the perfect combination for a Thanksgiving day - good food and quality family time. Unfortunately, due to the hustle and bustle that is my life currently, I really didn't give myself much chance to reflect on what I'm grateful for - which is awful because I have SO MUCH to be grateful for. I've decided to get in the habit of posting things that made me happy/that I'm grateful for. 


A Utah winter that [so far] feels like a NorCal winter // MY KIDS! - the 28 students I get to teach and laugh with every single day // My sister & her fam visiting for Thanksgiving break // Stephen's (brand) Hazelnut Hot Chocolate // being able to spend 3 whole days with Stephen - we laughed about the fact that between Wednesday and Saturday the longest we were apart was about 30 minutes! It was the best. // Grandpa Olson being out of the hospital and doing much better // Being a member of the LDS church // THE FACT THAT IT'S DECEMBER! // all of the great friends I have made this year - at church, at school and everywhere in-between // the people who are kind enough to read this blog // getting to meet my bestfriend/cousin/former roommate's brand new baby boy // Thanksgiving leftovers that can be made into "Thanksgiving sandwiches" - cramming everything from stuffing to turkey to yams to gravy to cranberry sauce on a roll. Stephen calls them "delicious and inhumane" HAHA. // the fact that there are only 2 more weeks of school until Christmas break.

_ _ _

PS Photo credit for the pizza pics goes to my sister Sarah.
PPS You may have noticed my blog received a make-over. Inspiration credit goes to Emmy because I basically stole her design. HA.

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