A "Practically Perfect" Halloween

8:02 PM

"There's an east wind blowing..." was the only clue I gave my students as to what I was planning on being for halloween. I thought it was a pretty good clue, but apparently it was too obscure because guesses ranged from a witch to a cowboy...haha.
^^Friends and fellow teachers at my school: Riley was The Matchmaker from Mulan and Sophia was a scarecrow.

The school day was fun. CRAZY. But fun :). There's nothing like 28 twelve-year-olds hyped up on candy and excited for school to be over. I can't blame them though, I was probably just as ready to get out of there as they were! 

Stephen was kind and willing enough to oblige me and dress up as Bert at the Halloween parties we attended (even though he called himself Bernie half a dozen times. HAHA...apparently he needs to re-watch Marry Poppins!). 

^^I was quite pleased how our costumes turned out. And we were able to borrow/use stuff we already had, so we only spent $15 on both costumes combined! 

Funnily enough - neither of the parties we went to were on halloween. On actual Halloween we went to a "party" (gathering) Provo City threw on Center Street - it was...interesting. haha. We didn't stay long, but the weather was great so it was nice to be outside. We introduced some friends to a nearby drink shack called Sodalicious, and then went back to their place and watched the second half of a scary movie. (Read: Stephen watched and I pretended to sleep so I wouldn't have nightmares..).When we came home we watched a couple episodes of Modern Family. (If I didn't know any better I'd say it was because Stephen wanted to get his mind off of the scary movie ;)) I'm writing all of this because we can't for the life of us remember what we did on Halloween last year and it's driving me nuts! Neither of us have ANY recollection of it and we don't have any pictures or blogposts to refer to. I'm sure we just stayed home and did homework or something, but at least it would be nice to remember that we stayed home and did homework... 

Spit, spot!

PS Isn't Stephen just the cutest Bert?!?! 

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