Merry Happy List: 2

8:09 PM

reading the book "Running Out of Time" (one of my favorite chapter books) aloud and having my students BEG me to keep reading // angie's kettle corn - all day long // making homemade sushi // one of my students giving me a note that said, "mare christmas" HAHAHA // sweeto burrito // this nativity video // watching "the arrow" mid-season finale (WAS IT CRAZY OR WHAT.) // seeing a gas station car wash sign that said "make it snow - get a car wash" // speaking in German to my class for the first 20 minutes of school and making them guess what I was saying // peppermint chapstick // Stephen coming to my class' Christmas party // getting [and eating] ALL the chocolates // costco samples // finishing TELL forever // teaching and singing "oh tannenbaum" with my class // opening presents each day this month from my sweet mother-in-law // the guy at missionary mall complimenting Stephen's eyes HAHA. loved it. // christmas break //THE FACT THAT WE WILL BE IN CALIFORNIA TOMORROW! 



PS In case you missed my first "merry happy list" - these lists were inspired by my friend Emily whose blog is adorable and you should definitely check it out. :)

PPS Photo credit for this picture goes to my sister Sarah!

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