There Will Be Tears.

10:20 PM

Sometimes you laugh. Sometimes you cry. Sometimes you laugh until you cry. There have been a few experiences lately that were enough to trigger the full range of emotions around these parts:

Last week when I accidentally called Stephen "dad."

When Stephen had a really, really important internship interview in Salt Lake and I accidentally took both sets of car keys with me to school in Santaquin (20 minutes away) leaving him stranded with a car.

When I messed up making Rhodes cinnamon rolls.

When we got to church 10 minutes late because we were finishing up preparing a five minute lesson for our calling only to realize that we'd missed giving the five minute lesson.

When I licked my fingers after cutting a particularly spicy serrano pepper and my lip went numb for almost a half an hour.

When I think I know the lyrics to a song and Stephen looks at me smiles and says, "What song do you think you're singing??"

and best of all.....

When a neighbor gave my family (in CA) banana bread with marijuana in it... (and they didn't know until much of the loaf had been consumed...)

I love my crazy hilarious life!

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