There will be cheese.

5:21 PM

Exactly one year ago this wonderful amazing man reentered my life.

As much as I had dreamed and agonized and anticipated that moment...I thought it would never come. And then it came. And went! HOLY COW HOW HAS IT BEEN A YEAR??? 

(....What the heck?? As of a year ago Stephen WASN'T in my life everyday???)

Time is weird.

Anyway, back to the cheese.

I'm so grateful to have Stephen in my life. I apologize that since we got married it seems like almost every post has been about Stephen and how amazing and wonderful he is. Actually, I don't apologize. (#sorrynotsorry) 

I am so incredibly, amazingly, blissfully happy, and I know that's largely in part to the fact that that blue-eyed hunk is by my side every step of the way. 

One year ago I saw him for the first time (in two years). I hugged him for the first time (in two years). I kissed him  He kissed me for the first time!!! (IN TWO YEARS!)

And. I haven't stopped smiling since ;)
(I also haven't stopped seeing him and huggin' him and kissin' him either!)

I sure do love that man of mine,

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