Hiccups, Tulips and Thai Food

6:22 PM

Last week Stephen and I went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. I've seriously wanted to go for YEARS, but never had the chance. Then...I found out it costs FIFTEEN DOLLARS to get in - PER PERSON. Lucky for me, I'm a teacher (well...close enough) and showing my teacher pass got ME AND A GUEST in for absolutely free. :) (Being a teacher has it's benefits...unfortunately pay isn't one of them....)
It was a wonderful day date rounded out with shopping at the Traverse Mountain Outlets and dinner at Thai Drift. 

Stephen's favorite part of the gardens was naturally the Koi Pond Overlook. He LOVES koi fish. (Well  actually he loves every animal in the whole world....except birds.) He asked me to take a picture of the fishes with their mouths open and I have to admit I was pretty pleased with the one I got. Also, right when we pulled into the parking lot at Thanksgiving Point, Stephen got the hiccups. Exactly two hours later when we were leaving the gardens....he STILL had the hiccups! Eventually they went away, but then came back again...TWICE! I've never seen anyone have the hiccups that long! It was pretty funny watching him try to eat at the restaurant while hiccuping every few seconds. haha

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