April Shower

9:21 PM

Saturday was the perfect rainy day for a bridal shower. 

Chelsee's apartment and her vision (for the decorations etc) were PERFECT. We were both very pleased with how everything came together. We made the tassel hanging on the wall (with a little bit of help from our husbands ;)), it took some time but was actually surprisingly easy. Chels did most of the other decorating and I did the baking. I was a bit nervous about that since we wanted everything to be gluten free, but we found some great stuff! I used this recipe for the peanut butter cookies, Krusties Gluten Free Brownie mix (thanks Costco!!), and King Arthur Flour Gluten Free muffin mix. (Anyone else find it ironic that a flour company makes gluten free stuff?) Everything was easy peasy! And truthfully some of the best gluten free stuff I've ever had! The one problem was that when I made the brownies into little cupcakes the middle fell in...I wasn't expecting that! Luckily I thought to drop a dollop of cream cheese frosting in the middle and called it good!

So excited for this beautiful bride-to-be and her man who get married TOMORROW!

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