4:54 PM

I have to confess. Stephen and I do not have a Christmas Tree. I haven't put my nativity up. And the only thing in the house that could be considered Christmas Decor is a little red tree door hanger with some bells that is hanging on a hook on our front door. I'M NOT THE GRINCH OKAY?!!  I really do love Christmas and all the decorations and lights and warm fuzzy things that come along with just doesn't really make sense to spend money on that stuff since we're leaving in less than a week anyway... (So, I guess I'm Scrooge??) Anyway, we did do one thing that was Christmasy and I was pretty proud of it.

We made our own ugly sweaters :) 

Bah humbug,

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  1. Uh, you are so inspiring! I'm in charge of our FHE activity tonight and all of a sudden I think I know what we'll be doing. Your sweaters are so great! I must confess that the only reason our place is decorated is that my grandma and mother both live within ten miles of our apartment, so they dumped their leftover Christmas decorations on our front porch. I put them up immediately so we wouldn't seem ungrateful.

  2. I love your sweaters! What a great idea to put together your own! I have never had an ugly Christmas sweater but I was really close to buying one for my dog this year. She's a furry dog, though, so she probably would have seriously rebelled if I tried to put it on her!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog awhile back! :)