Camping In.

8:41 PM

Life is an adventure.

Like when you don't have a heater and it's 1 degree outside.

Like when a pipe breaks and you have your water shut off for the night. And all the water you have access to is a few cups worth in various water bottles. 

...When you kind of feel like you're camping inside your own home.

Like when you wear purple pants and red shoes... because
Fashion Blogger Tip #1: When it's one really cares how stylish you are.
(Or at least that's what I have to tell myself...)

Like when you're walking to class in the freezing cold snow and you literally can't wipe the scowl off your face at the same time your husband can't wipe the smile off his.
(I hate to admit that neither of our expressions changed long after the camera was put away.)

And when you convince your husband that the best possible way to spend your Saturday afternoon is eating kid's meals at the BYU creamery.
(No regrets. It was a fantastic decision.)

And when you finally get to buy a space heater (thanks to wedding gift cards!!!!!!) and are convinced it might be the best purchase you've ever made. 

Adventure is out there!

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  1. Hello from Southern California! Where it's currently 45 degrees and I am convinced I wont be able to sleep tonight because it's "FREEZING" hope your in home camping phase is short lived and you're warm and cozy soon!!

  2. we bought the exact same heater last year - curse this coldness! love reading about your life!