Pizza Sunday.

5:00 PM

Remember when I learned my lesson about actually needing to hand the coupons to the cashier when you plan on using them? Well, luckily this time we remembered. So on Saturday evening we walked out of Macy's with 144 Rhodes rolls. OH MY YUM. Thanks to a few cooking successes earlier in the week, I was feeling confident, and on Sunday we decided to try out some Thai Peanut Pizza courtesy of the Rhodes Rolls cookbook we were given as a wedding present! (The other half of the pizza was a Rosmary Potato Chicken that we just kind of made up.)  Rhodes rolls as the crust of a pizza?! Does life get better than that??

The recipe we used for the sauce can be found here. (We added a Serrano pepper because we had one and we liked the extra zing that it gave to the really-sweet peanut sauce.) 

PS In case you're in need of some other really really good and easy recipes - try this one and this one
I made both of those last week and Stephen and I were amazed!!!! I truly felt like a chef because they were so good and so easy! There is hope for me yet :)  

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