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I'll be honest: I specifically planned this outing with the intent of writing a blog post about it. 🙈

And as I should have expected...it didn't quiiite work out the way I had envisioned.

The vision was that on a Saturday afternoon we would get some bubbles and go to the park as a family so Stephen could watch Lydia's fascination with newly-discovered bubbles and I could document via a million adorable photos.

The reality was on a Saturday afternoon we walked to the grocery store to buy bubbles among other things and started walking home only to realize we'd forgotten the bubbles! So back to the grocery store we went, only to get distracted by yet more things in the store (i.e. the hat that I found and purchased for $2.50), and by the time we finally got back home after this eternally-long grocery store trip Lydia was tired and grumpy and in desperate need of a nap. ha! We laid her down and of course she slept longer than expected, but I was determined to go to the park despite the fact the sun was setting, it was getting cold, and it was SO WINDY. As you can probably guess, bubbles in the wind are a total bust and after my hat blew off for the 10th time Stephen was like, "Why are you wearing that hat again?!" hahaha. 🙈

The good news is, I'm obsessed with photos of my favorite people, so even though these photos aren't exactly the ones I'd envisioned...I love them all the same.

It didn't take long for us to ditch the bubbles and take Lydia over to the slide which she was much more enthusiastic about. (Almost every time we go outside these days she points in the direction of the park and says "Wee! Wee!" indicating that she would like to go to the slide. haha. I'm a softy so we've been going to the park a lot lately.)

^^Lydia's face perfectly captures the, "it's-cold-and-windy-and-why-are-we-here-again?" attitude I think we all had at some point during this outing. 😂😂😂

^^My new hat! I was really feeling it until Stephen pointed out my dad has a hat very similar style...now I'm not sure how to feel. hahhaa (No offense, Pops! ☺️)
^^Stephen's watch was gifted to us by a company called JORD and I loooove the look of it! It came in the mail a couple months ago and we were blown away by the packaging and presentation. (Like, the tiny Jord pillow?! Are you kidding me??) Unfortunately a little screw in the clasp fell out while we were at church a few days after we got it and since the screw was so tiny we couldn't find it anywhere. Jord was very apologetic about the situation and fixed it and sent it back as quickly as they could! I've seen a lot of the Jord watches floating around my instagram feed lately, but I haven't see anyone else with this one from the Frankie Series and it is by far my favorite. I love that it has a very classic and simple look that goes well with everything. (A lot of the other watches I've seen are really "busy" but I prefer the simple look of the Frankie.) I even wore it myself the other day and one of my friends complimented it! Truth be told, I'll likely be found wearing it again.

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Even though the bubbles failed and we didn't stay outside for long due to the cold wind, it was the perfect outing because any time with my two favorite people is time well spent.

This post was in collaboration with JORD Watches, all opinions are my own._ _ _

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