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This morning, as Lydia and I were walking through Smith's getting some groceries, a worker was restocking the shelves and pushing one of those pallet-dolly things loaded up with product. The wheels of the dolly rhythmically passed over the cracks in the floor, and what did Lydia do? She started dancing!

I am fully aware that it's typical for kids Lydia's age to dance when they hear music, but I'm pretty convinced that Lydia takes this urge to dance to a whole new level. A few weeks ago I started making a note on my phone of things she has danced to/dances to on a regular basis,'ll have to tell me if it is 'typical' 16-month-old behavior or not ;)

the beep of the Catch Phrase
the heater fan
water filling up in the bath
beating eggs
the rolling pin
the microwave
crinkling the cereal bag + pouring cereal
beat boxing
the washing machine
Stephen drumming or tapping his foot
the peanut butter jar rolling on the counter
a ball bouncing
me mixing or whisking anything in the kitchen
scraping a plate with a fork
the blender
brushing off the top of cutting board
the sound machine on the "marsh" setting
pouring broccoli out of a bag
water draining out of the bathtub
squeaky wheels on a shopping cart

...And believe me, this list is far from complete! At this point I really shouldn't be surprised at the things she dances to, but it continues to baffle me and crack me up EVERY TIME!

It also shouldn't come as a surprise that this happens to be one of her favorite songs! 💃🏻 
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