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After purchasing a washer and dryer a few months ago (!!!), Stephen and I felt like such 'real' adults we decided to continue this out-of-character adult-ish trend and send out a Christmas cards.

Don't get too excited, it may be the last time we ever do such a thing.


I knew my parents always put a lot of work into Christmas Cards, but I never really appreciated just HOW MUCH work until iiiii was the one that had to carry out each step from start to finish. 

I guess I understand now why it wasn't uncommon for mom to start brainstorming Christmas card ideas in May, and to hear dad complaining about the cost of mailing out so many 😜

Let's just say that the Saturday before we left on our trip was not one I'd ever like to repeat, and after spending at least 6 hours on the Christmas Card ordeal, the day may-or-may-not have ended with me exiting a certain store carrying 60 5x7 envelopes that may-or-may-not have been purchased after an almost breakdown and the blessing/encouragement of two employees. HA! 

At the end of the day we agreed: if next year the Christmas cards aren't 90% of the way done by December FIRST, they are simply just not going to happen. 

So in other words, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you ;) 

If you are one of the lucky few to be receiving one in the mail...don't be surprised that this isn't actually the picture you receive. hahaha. For whatever reason this one DID NOT PRINT WELL, so (after printing 50 of them and driving 25 minutes to pick them up..) we had to change it to another one...but don't get me started on that...

Merry Christmas! 
_ _ _

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