10:03 AM

Making shadow puppets on the wall using my phone flashlight before we went to bed last night (even Stephen had to admit my llama was πŸ‘ŒπŸ») // Lydia putting her own diaper away in the diaper pail and then clapping for a job well-done πŸ˜‚  //  the Gilmore Girls-inspired lunch I had with Jess and Melissa (The lunch was πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ , the episodes, on the other hand, were πŸ˜‘πŸ˜  ) // getting to take home the honey-cinnamon-butter from Thanksgiving dinner // how happy Stephen was when I drove slowly through sugarhouse park so he could catch pokΓ©mon //  Lydia saying "HI!" over and over and over again // having a few particularly fun photoshoots // people's reactions to seeing Lydia's "monkey crawl" for the first time // how excited Stephen is about the water filter he got on amazon πŸ˜‚ // getting a REAL Christmas tree (the first time we've ever had our own tree!), and even though it's still light-less and ornament-less, it makes me SO HAPPY when I see it // finding a cookie Lydia had eaten half of and then stashed under the rug for safe keeping (equal parts hilarious and disgusting) // getting together with a lot of extended family yesterday for the baby blessing of my cousin's baby // Lydia standing up and taking a shuffle/step forward before falling // a fun game night with friends // when Lydia entertains herself long enough for me to get something done around the house // being able to do laundry any time I want ☺️  // the pepper jelly at costco // rearranging our apartment (yet again) and finally putting stuff on the walls! (Although there is still much to be done..) // introducing Lydia to Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music

Stephen: "How does that saying go, 'Truth is often spoken in the jokes'? Something like that?"

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