9:27 AM

finding a great new photo spot within 10 minutes of our apartment // getting a second couch and seeing our living room start to come together (finally!) // the costco worker spotting me $1.28 because I only had a discover card in my wallet, and I didn't have quite enough cash to pay for the milk I was trying to buy // making Mom Olson's famous chocolate chip cookies and delivering them to a few friends who have been LIFESAVERS these past few weeks // finishing our halloween costumes- just in the nick of time! haha // Lydia sleeping in until 9:00 am on Sunday morning // finding a random stranger who was willing to loan out her hiking backpack-carrier for our costumes // chick-fil-a sauce...on everything ;) // making it to the pumpkin patch right at sunset (hence the very grainy photos) // going on a tennis date with Stephen // Lydia being so content when Stephen takes her around in the carrier // the primary program at church yesterday

Stephen: "It's nothing to sneeze at."
^^Apparently this is an expression people say?!! (it really is, I googled it) ...but I thought he made it up and it was hilarious.

It's been soooo long since I've done one of these (over a month!)! I need to remember to write down quotes as they happen though because there have been sooo many good ones and now I forgot them all! BOOOO.

^^That reminds me: Happy Halloween! (+ happy 1-year due-date-aversary to Lydia!)
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