9:58 PM

I feel like I did so much today! I visited a friend, painted my nails, listened to a good chunk of the mom conference AND made dinner....And now I'm writing a blog post! #overachiever

Dear Taza, Thank you for doing yet another adorable blog post that inspired me to do a blog post of my own (and totally copy your idea, ha).

Dear Centerville DI, you never disappoint, and I love you for that.

Dear Steamer, I wish everyone would realize how amazing you are and ban all irons forever.

Dear Fall Leaves, please hang on until we find some time to drive through Farmington Canyon!

Dear Nail Polish, how do the people in the salon apply you so evenly every time?!

Dear Costco Vanilla Ice Cream, it had been TOO LONG. I'm so glad we're getting reacquainted.

Dear Laundry Basket, can you work on finding a way to wash and dry and fold clothes? That'd be great. Thanks.

Dear Hard Water, I'm not a fan of you or the fact that you insist on making my clean dishes look dirty. :(

Dear Iphone, please hold on a few more weeks until my new phone comes! ...even with Lydia's constant far you're doing splendidly!

Dear Arella Pizzeria, I'm still thinking about your Pink Pizza (-pepperoni + pineapple). It might not be long before you see us again...

Dear Nearby Fire Station, I understand that sirens will be heard multiple times a day...but the nearly constant beeping from your building the last couple days HAS TO STOP. PLEEEEASSEEEE.

Dear Stephen, thank you for working so hard for our family by working 10 hour days, studying the GMAT an additional two hours each day, getting Lydia ready for bed, and doing the dishes. I can't imagine life without you.

_ _ _

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