Sightseeing in Seattle

10:00 AM

On our last day in Washington we visited Seattle. Puyallup is only about 30 miles south of the city, but unfortunately it is a two-lane freeway most of the way there which results in quite a bit of traffic. We are truly spoiled with Salt Lake's five-lane freeway! (Which apparently was widened in preparation for the Olympics in 2002. Who knew?! I guess I thought it had just always been that way haha.) Scott was so nice to take the day off of work so we could all go into the city together. Our first stop was a children's science museum that had a lot of fun hands-on exhibits. After the museum we went to Pike Place market and of course visited the gum wall. (Which the boys found to be both disgusting and amazing haha.) It was really fun! Walking around Pike Place was really fun, seeing all the booths and being able to sample from many of them (I wish I had taken more pictures in the market itself). One booth had samples of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and OH MY WORD, they were soooo good. They had probably 20 different flavors that you could sample and I think we tried all of them haha. We just couldn't stop! 

We had so much fun on our trip to Washington and definitely plan on visiting again! 
Thanks so much for hosting us and taking us around, Sarah and Scott :) 

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  1. The gum wall was one Seattle attraction I just couldn't visit!!! SO UNSANITARY!! but it looks cool :)