Lake Meridian

10:22 AM

While in Washington we visited an awesome city park that really blew me away! Not only did it have a huge grassy area, an awesome playground, and a large covered pavilion to picnic in, it also had a beautiful lake and lifeguards! Pretty sweet, especially considering it was free. Sarah had never been there before, but had read about it online so we decided to check it out. I was quite impressed, and the water/sandy area kept Sarah's boys entertained for hours, so I would say it was definitely a successful outing. 
One of the major highlights of our trip to Washington (in addition to spending time with my sister, Sarah, and her husband, Scott) was spending time with our niece, Katelyn. She is at a really fun age, and it made us more excited about meeting our baby girl in just a couple more months! I especially loved watching Stephen with her. He is seriously going to be the greatest dad and I can't wait to see it. :) 
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