ABC: Adventures, Berries, Crickets

3:37 PM

Last week, Stephen and I were up in Washington visiting my sister Sarah and her family! Neither of us had ever been to Washington, and it's only a 13 hour drive to my sister's house, so we decided to road trip up there after Stephen completed his internship the first week in August.

We drove all day Friday and got in late Friday night (just a bit later than we should have thanks to apple maps for making us WASTE a full 30 minutes driving in a large circle). On Saturday morning we loaded up in Sarah's mini van and went to Flaming Gyser State Park.

It was beautiful! There were lots of trees, some hiking trails (which we did not go on thankyouverymuch haha), and a river. We went down to a rocky place where Sarah's three boys were brave enough to get in (the water was WAYY too cold for swimming if you ask me!). After they splashed around for a few minutes, they discovered water-striders which they called crickets. Soon they made a game of trying to find as many as they could. At one point Cameron (age 6) shouted, "Look! There's one MILLION crickets! ...One THOUSAND crickets! ...One HUNDRED crickets!!!!!" hahaha. Those boys crack me up.

After playing in the water for a while, the boys started picking blackberries. I have no idea how many they picked, but it must have been A LOT because we had plenty for dessert, even after they'd eaten their fill, and squished enough of them to turn their hands (and some of Brandon's hair) dark red!

It was a really fun first day in Washington :)
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  1. These pictures are fantastic! I'm looking into another lens for my camera, what lens did you use?

    1. Seriously the quality is fantastic! I actually have a Nikon so I'll have to look into the equivalent. :)