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For Pioneer Day-weekend, we arranged to go down to St. George with some friends. Unfortunately, we later realized that the company Stephen is currently working for doesn't honor Pioneer day as a holiday. (The nerve!!!) Luckily our friends were willing to wait for Stephen to get off work on Friday and then drive down that evening. Then, Thursday night Stephen got suuuuper sick. Stephen never gets sick, so when he does..it's bad. Luckily some guys in our ward were willing to come over and give him a blessing. Almost immediately he started feeling better and was able to get a good night's sleep. By the time he got off work Friday he was feeling great so the trip was officially on! 

We had a GREAT time hanging out in the car, playing games (namely: croquet, spot it, and Scattergories), and eating delicious food. We also went and saw the movie Ant-man, which despite the doubts of some, was highly entertaining! Since we were inside most of the time we were there I didn't take very many pictures (#photographerfail) and that is my biggest regret! For Saturday dinner we went to a place called The Crepêry which is basically the only place I busted out my camera. I was a little nervous about eating there because I was only one that really wanted to go (after reading a few reviews on yelp), and everyone else was just going along with it because they knew I wanted to go. THANKFULLY it was delicious! We all really enjoyed it, and I daresay we all would go back!
^^Our friends Thomas and Ceecee. Thomas and Stephen served together in Uruguay and are both in the finance program. Today is Thomas' birthday: Happy Birthday, Thomas!

In addition to delicious food, The Crepêry had quite the funky vibe. That weird pig-lady mural was painted on one wall, all of the chairs in the restaurant were rocking chairs, and they also had these hanging net/hammock things you could sit it (that's what we're sitting in in the picture above.) 

 I almost won our second round of croquet (which I don't think I ever really knew how to play before now haha). I had my chance to beat Stephen and come in with the victory, but I BOTCHED it. Stephen ended up winning and luckily he didn't rub it in my face too much ;)

Thanks Thomas & Ceecee for a fun-filled weekend!
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