A Not-So-Tiny Cherry Obsession

8:15 AM

^^Photo Challenge day 3: Black and White & Day 5: High Angle 

I've had a slight obsession with cherries lately. I got a 3 pound tub of them from Costco and ate the whole thing entirely by myself within just a few days. (Stephen doesn't like cherries, which partially makes me sad because he's missing out, but partially makes me happy because then I don't have to share them :) haha) I was telling Stephen how BabyGirl must love cherries because she starts moving around like crazy after I eat them! A few days later, I was watching my cousin's little baby (who really isn't so little anymore - he's eight months already!) crawl across the room, and the thought struck me: Cherries are to babies as apples are to adults. What I mean is, when you hold an apple in your hand, the ratio of hand to apple is roughly the same as the ratio of a baby's hand to a cherry. haha! Can you imagine a world where cherries were as big as apples?!

So many things scare me about having a baby. Like to the point where sometimes it's hard for me to get excited because all I can think about is how terrified I am! Unfortunately, I'm not one of those "baby-people" who feel the need to hold all the babies all the time. (I've been told this will change once the baby is mine, but I'm still scared.) Luckily, the one thing that I ALWAYS love about babies is their tiny-little hands and their tiny-little feet. It just blows my mind that they are SO. LITTLE. (I'm also slightly obsessed with the fact that they can't even reach their tiny-little arms around their not-so-tiny little heads hahaha.) Thinking about having a little human with hands so tiny she won't even be able to fit a a cherry into her fist made me really really excited. haha. 

It's the little things. (Pun intended.)
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  1. Wonderful pictures! A baby's hand is worth a thousand words. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and how wonderful that you don't have to share your cherries!

  2. next you need to take a picture of a baby holding a cherry and you holding and apple :)
    nice pictures hannah! and I'm sure you will be just fine once you have your little baby :)