A Wedding Weekend.

3:52 PM

I love weddings. And this one was no exception! Delicious food, wonderful family, and a touching marriage ceremony, all crammed together in one amazing weekend! What could be better??

Looking back through the pictures I took the weekend of my cousin Jess' wedding (in early May), I am laughing as I realize how few I took of the lovely bride and groom and of those even fewer are serious (Hancock smile, anyone?)! Haha! It just goes to show how much fun Jess and Cam are, and how much fun they have together. :)

Other key weekend highlights, not pictured: laser tag with the bridal party + stephen and a few others, Thrifty's mint chocolate chip ice cream (I'm not usually a fan of mint and chocolate together, but I have to admit that this particular brand had me questioning my stance), CHIPOTLE (my #1 pregnancy want, not sure if I should considered it a craving per say, but definitely a want), a GORGEOUS reception venue with an incredible view, a flashmob involving kazoos, going inside the beautiful Newport Beach Temple, some mashed potatoes that might just be the stuff dreams are made of.

 Thank you so much Jessica and Cameron for inviting us to be part of your special day!

_ _ _

PS Not sure why blogger is making my photos fuzzy, they were much crisper/clearer before I uploaded them... :(

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  1. Ugh I know the feeling about fuzzy pictures. Try uploading to original size? Or go to html and change the width and height manually. Or you could write it into your html code so they automatically size!

  2. The mashed potatoes were so creamy! :)

    1. I quote that so often and Stephen STILL forgets that it's from While You Were Sleeping. He clearly hasn't seen that movie enough times ;)

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