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When school ended and summer began, I was worried that I was going to be bored out of my mind with nothing to do. Happily I report, I was 100% wrong!!! So far, I have been LOVING it. I feel a little bit guilty since I spend my days literally doing whatever I want (except hanging out with Stephen, whose work/commute schedule has him out of the house 65 hours a week right now...). I finally have had time to run all of the errands/do all the projects that I felt like where hanging over my head for the last 10 months while I was teaching! 

So far, I've spent time with family in California, reorganized the kitchen, gone to the DMV 3(!!!) times, deep-cleaned the bathroom, discarded clothes and things that "did not spark joy" ("purge-atory" as Stephen has been calling it hahaha), accompanied a photographer friend on an engagement shoot and a bridal shoot, read the first and most of the second Harry Potter books, and de-cluttered & reorganized the living room - which for the first time since we moved in (almost two years ago) feels like a place I actually wouldn't mind spending time in in addition to the one Sunday a month when our home teachers come over, haha. This week I am in the process of sanding, staining and finishing a dresser I found on KSL! (Before and after pics will be posted when the project is complete. :))

I feel like I've been finding the perfect balance of being productive and also finding time to relax (and by that I mean...I watched Netflix while doing 85% of the list of things above hahahah). I know that BabyGirl won't be here for another 4ish months, but I just gotta take advantage of being able to relax while I have the opportunity! Plus, I feel like being pregnant gives me permission to sleep as much as I need want, so I'm taking full advantage of that too!

The one thing that I have not been good at this summer, however, is taking pictures and along with that, blogging. Blog posts aren't very much fun if there aren't at least a few interesting pictures to look at, and since I have no pictures, I have no blog posts. See the pattern? A lot of the day I'm by myself and I would feel silly posting pictures of me just going about my daily tasks, so in an effort to improve my photography, take more pictures, and blog more, I've decided to take on a 30 day photography challenge. I found one online that I thought looked interesting (link found here) and am starting today! Don't worry, I won't post everyday haha. I don't think I'm ready to take on that kind of a commitment. I'm hoping to start blogging AT LEAST once a week, so I'll probably just put up a week's pictures at a time (or choose my favorites, I haven't decided). 

Before I go, here are a few pictures from our Sodalicious outing with the Sheffield's last night. It is seriously the worst/best thing to live within walking distance of that place! At least when I walk there I don't feel quiiiite as guilty for drinking soda with copious amounts of half and half. 😁😁😁 heh. heh. Kinda.

^^It was surprisingly difficult to take pictures while walking and drinking soda (shocking, I know) hence the blurry, super dark picture of Stephen above. He's just so stinkin' cute though I had to post it. 😊

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