Merry Happy List: 8

2:53 PM

finding out that a baby GIRL will be joining our family this November // when my students begged me to participate in the 6th grade talent show (hahaha I said no, but I was flattered that they wanted me to so badly) // this smile drive website that our friend Tyler made (have you made someone smile today?? LOG IT!) // Stephen making banana bread // being able to accompany my friend Taelor on a bridal photoshoot she did a few weeks ago // HOKULIA // this song one of my friends helped make and is trying to get into the end credits of the final Hunger Games movie (I don't know if it will happen, but it's a pretty sweet song nonetheless) // being DONE with state testing (parties ALL day from here on out ;)) // the crazy sub my students had last week while I was doing reading testing (I like crazy subs because they make my students appreciate me more hahaha) // seeing pictures from my in-laws' trip to The Holy Land (I tried to contain my jealousy and just appreciate their almost worked) // getting Kneaders french toast for breakfast during teacher appreciation week // having a sleepover with my cousin, Madi, when our husbands were both out of town // thinking about how much fun I've had teaching 6th grade this year and all the memories I've made // my little brother Daniel getting home from his mission! // making strawberry freezer jam // when Alyssa came into my classroom this week and talked about The Philippines // this mother's day song that my friend Nate wrote that actually made me cry when I listened to it the first time HAHA (#pregnancy) 

Quote of the week: 
Alyssa: Does anyone know where The Philippines is? 
Student: I know! I'm pretty sure it's in Pennsylvania.

OHhh how I love and will miss my geographically-challenged 6th graders!

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  1. At least they had the right phonetic idea with the geography!

  2. I'll bet you could relate to the part in Nate's song about not getting Gogurt or Lunchables like all the cool kids and only having cable when visiting friends!!! :)
    Love ya,