Merry Happy List 7 + Some Jumbled Thoughts

9:23 PM

raspberry wyler's light (the dollar tree version of crystal light haha) // skyping with family // catching up with my good friend Ann and seeing her new house // attending the wedding of one of Stephen's mission companions // Stephen letting me (and encouraging me!) to be 100% helpless when I'm sick // SPRING. BREAK. // homemade orange julius // rapchats // the platypus hot water bottle holder that my mom-in-law gave us for Christmas that has seriously done WONDERS for my achy/sickly bones (pictured) // Lolo's 10% off for students on Thursdays // apples // hanging out with my grandparents in midway // ward bonfire with tinfoil dinners and smores // Stephen fixing the shower-head so there is actually WATER coming out instead of a pitiful drizzle // Rhodes cinnamon rolls // all of the general conference talks, this one especially stuck out to me this conference // priesthood blessings // watching Stephen's wheelchair basketball game // playing the inReverse app (seriously hilarious if you're looking to kill some time) // the elephant hand-warmers my sister-in-law made for us (pictured) // McKenzie telling me she enjoys reading my blog // 

I've never been very consistent at blogging. I go from posting multiple times a week, to an entire month without a post. At one point I felt like every post started with "It's been so long since my last post..." etc, that I swore that I would never start a post like that again. But yet here I am wanting to almost apologize for my month-long absence. Which, let's be honest, seems I won't. But instead I'll include this stupidly long introduction explaining my thoughts regarding the subject. 

I've found myself reflecting a lot about my life lately. (That sounds weird like I'm preparing for my funeral or something. Don't worry, this isn't that kind of post. haha) Maybe it's the change in seasons, maybe it was the General Conference talks that I had the opportunity to listen to and reflect on, maybe it's Easter and being reminded of my incredible experiences in The Holy Land three (!!!) Easters ago, maybe it's the fact that I'm ACTUALLY graduating?!!? after six loooong years that I actually thought (on multiple occasions) would never end, or maybe it's the fact that I came down with a NASTY cold a couple of days ago and it doesn't take being sick for long to realize how great your life was BEFORE you got sick...

Back to the subject of graduation for a quick sec - I just have to mention how almost silly it feels. I mean of course I'll do it 100% and go to all the stuff and wear the gown and the hat and the tassel and all that jazz, but it just feels weird because either I feel like I should have graduated a year ago when I actually FINISHED taking classes or I should wait til I'm done teaching because as it is now, I just go through this ceremony and take all the "Graduation" pics and participate in all that hoopla and then life goes right back to how it was and I continue teaching and trying to get my students ready for end of the year testing (freaking out a little bit FYI!!!) and all that other *really fun* stuff.  I also feel weird because I'm missing a day and a half of school for graduation and I don't know if I should tell my students why I'm not gonna be there, because on the one hand it would be like a cool "real world" opportunity to talk about how important it is to graduate from college, but then on the other hand I worry that they'll be like, "Wait, you've been teaching us this entire year and you haven't even graduated from college???" HAHAHA. These are some of the thoughts I struggle with on a daily basis. 

ANYWAY. Back to the whole reflecting thing. With all this pondering and reflecting I've been doing (pretty sure that's totally a college grad thing to do BTW) I've just realized time and time again HOW INCREDIBLY BLESSED I am. Everything in my life is just so great and I am just so fortunate to have such an amazing family (immediate, extended, and through marriage!), to have a job that I love with students who constantly keep me on my toes and laughing my head off, friends both near and far who are so understanding and always willing to lend a listening ear, and a husband who is incredibly loving and supportive and wants nothing more than for me to be happy. 

I know I already mentioned this in my list above, but I just wanted to again express my gratitude for Priesthood blessings. In case you don't know what those are, the Priesthood is the power to act in God's name. Worthy male members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints are given this authority, and can use it to bless others, but can never use it to benefit themselves directly. I am so fortunate that Stephen has worthily kept his covenants with God and by doing so he can use this power to give me blessings of health and comfort. They have helped me so much during the past month.

"I am convinced that a husband is never more attractive to his wife than when he is serving in his God-given roles as a worthy priesthood holder -- most importantly in the home." Amen, Sister Burton, amen.

I have an incredible life. Thanks for being a part of it.
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  1. "I came down with a NASTY cold a couple of days ago and it doesn't take being sick for long to realize how great your life was BEFORE you got sick..." This is exactly what happens to me every time I get sick, Im like wow I am going to be so grateful for every healthy day I have after this... then I forget what its like to be sick. Never ending cycle

  2. that hot water bottle is the cutest