Sharp-Shootin' Saturday

10:29 PM

A few weeks ago, Stephen and I had the chance to go shooting with our friends Johnny and Danielle. It was something we'd been talking about doing for a looong time, so we were glad we finally got the chance! Johnny had some SWEET guns that he was so kind as to let us use. I know next to nothing about guns, but I feel like it should include that names of the guns we shot: SKS, 22 Rifle, 9mm hand gun, and a 50 caliber Desert Eagle. (I linked them to pictures so I'll remember in the future what all those names mean haha.) My favorite gun was the rifle because it was light, didn't have kickback, and I actually had decent aim with it! We kind of lucked out because the place we went (at some random state park in Spanish Fork) just so happened to have over 50 unbroken clay pigeons laying around on the ground. As Stephen put it, "Either the people who were here before us were incredibly rich, or incredibly lazy." We placed the clay pigeons delicately in the bushes and used them as targets! It was really fun and we hope to be able to do it again! (I've already caught Stephen looking up handgun prices online...) 

^^We don't need earplugs. WE ARE MEN. (Well...some of us anyway.)

Shooting the Desert Eagle was one of the more terrifying experiences of my life. I had Stephen stand behind me and hold my wrists because I was worried about the kickback. I told him like 10 times he wasn't holding tight enough AND HE WASN'T!!! I almost hit myself in the face! Needless to say I screamed and said I would be perfectly content never shooting that gun again. haha. (In his defense it was a really awkward angle and he really couldn't have done much to prevent it.) Our macho-date was not complete until after feasting on (and devouring) burgers and fries from JCWs. I don't know how to end this post, and Stephen suggested "We had a 'blast'!" which is just so ridiculous I think I might keep it.

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